1) Fill in as much of the form as you can. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO FILL IN THE WHOLE FORM.

2) Obligatory information that must be completed if possible ( indicated on the form by an asterisk*). These are: contact name, email, observation type and vegetation structure.

3) Data fields are defined as follows:

*Contact Name
Your Name.
Email Address for contact.
*Observation type
What type of comment are you sending? Correction, Comment, Additional information, Personnel communication or sighting.
Observation date
Date observation was made.
Locality Name
Name of area of region (if it has one), you have highlighted on the map
Locality Description
Any descriptive information for the locality.
The Vegetation classification for this region. A national physiognomic classification from White (1983) is given. Recorders may prefer to use a local or regional physiognomic classification, in which case 12 'other' should be used. Please add detail to notes field
How intact is the vegetation in the region described? This is mainly relevant to woody vegetation types. If trees/shrubs have been removed by cutting, fire etc. this should be recorded as partially disturbed or disturbed. Impacts to habitat. Record the causes of degradation or modification of habitat here. Where details are known regarding which species are primarily affected (e.g. tree species being cut) or are causing the impact (e.g. browsing by goats), this should also be recorded, in the notes below.
Vegetation Notes / Comments
Any additional relevant information should be given here.